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Complete Construction Services

This includes retail, industrial, medical, restaurant, financial, child care and all other types of commercial construction projects nationwide. Advanced Development Inc. also performs commercial alteration and remodeling services throughout Central Ohio.

The ADI Advantage

The ADI Advantage is something that sets Advanced Development Inc. apart from the competition. Included in the ADI Advantage is our ability to do design-build. Design-build is our competitive advantage over the industry and is a special construction project delivery method. Using this method our qualified general contractors are directly responsible for both the total project design and the actual construction of the project. We create teams for completing design-build projects, and utilize our contractors as the team leaders. Chosen architects and engineers can be in a subcontracted role or as team members.

Our design-build approach sets us apart from our competitors because we create teams that work together building great relationships. This generates a highly visible process for better communication and flexibility for our clients, while meeting and exceeding the quality and performance specifications of the project. Depending on the details of the project we have the capacity and abilities to complete different phases of construction. We will always search qualified third parties or subcontractors for prices and project estimates to guarantee the lowest total cost.

About ADI

A Brief History

Advanced Development Inc. provides Architects, Business Owners and Real Estate Developers with complete construction services for retail and wholesale businesses. This includes retail, industrial, medical, restaurant, financial, child care and all other types of commercial construction projects nationwide. Advanced Development Inc. also performs commercial alteration and remodeling services throughout Central Ohio. Started first with the HADO Construction Company in 1979, Mr. Schofield laid a early foundation for the expertise currently at ADI. In 1988, Hal S. Schofield along with Mr. Robert Abbruzzi, incorporated and formed Advanced Development, Inc.

Construction Management

ADI emphasizes managing our projects and our daily construction activities on site is very important for a successful project. Because of this we strongly incorporate construction management methods into every project and feel that a construction manager or superintendent to facilitate the construction of a project is always necessary.

The construction manager or superintendent will organize and manage the workforce, materials, and equipment needed to complete the goals and needs of the architect and client. Our construction management philosophy is based on open communication between all parties, leadership on and off the work sites, and the ability to manage the construction teams, subcontractors, and the daily activities of all workforce on site. The inclusive management of our projects makes the planning, design, and construction of our work to the highest of industry standards.

Our Work

Proudly Displaying Our Completed Projects

Check out our projects below. Feel free to reach out to inquire about references or ask about the vast amount of work we have completed over the last few decades.

Our Team

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Job Application

Job Site Supervisor

We are looking for a dependable individual to join our business as a site supervisor. The role of a site supervisor has broad responsibilities, from managing staff and overseeing projects, to maintaining safety protocols and implementing site procedures. Our ideal candidate is skilled, responsible, and team oriented. As a site supervisor, you should be detail-focused and knowledgeable of building codes and construction safety regulations. A site supervisor should be able to interpret building plans as well as demonstrate exceptional leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Site Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervising the construction team as well as subcontractors to oversee day to day operations.
  • Inspecting construction sites regularly to identify and eliminate potential safety hazards.
  • Provide site safety and security; devise and implement site policies and procedures.
  • Conduct regular inspections and maintenance of systems and equipment. Keep daily job logs.
  • Monitor fire alarm control panels and other emergency equipment.
  • Handle emergencies appropriately.
  • Supervising & inspecting construction sites regularly to identify and eliminate potential safety hazards and instructing the construction team as well as subcontractors of said hazards.
  • Set project goals and oversee projects to completion, schedule, and track subcontractor work.
  • Handle site inspections and must be able to check subcontractors work for correctness and completeness.
  • Ensure compliance with company or government regulations.
    Communicate with customers regarding products and services.

Site Supervisor Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or relevant field such as project management or construction management, Construction Science, Civil Engineering, or related field is preferred. Also sufficient construction experience recommended.
  • Proven experience working as a Site Supervisor.
  • Sound knowledge of building codes and construction safety regulations.
  • Working knowledge of construction tools and equipment.
  • The ability to interpret blueprints.
  • Trained in carpentry and general tradesmen skills.
  • Up to date on the current on OSHA requirements.
  • Years of prior experience in managerial or supervisory roles.
  • Proficiency with multiple computer operating systems and software applications to be able to communicate with office and fill out day to day paperwork.
  • Reading comprehension of technical documents such as site plans and drawings.
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills.
  • Exemplary analytic problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
  • Ability to have a professional relationship with staff and clients.
  • Strong project management abilities.

Submit PDF files ONLY below or email your resume to infor@advanceddev.com


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